I’ve failed again, didn’t get it right, i always seem to mess it up somehow, what would they think of me , how do i even explain it. All the sorts of thoughts that come running to my mind when i fail at something. When things don’t turn out the way i expected them to. We all watch and read inspirational stories everyday and hope as well that we do one thing that gets to motivate others or at least i do. Somehow my story will give someone out there a reason to keep trying, impact a life even if … Continue reading IT’S YOUR BIGGEST STORY YET!!

Communicate…. SAY IT!!

Woah its been forever since my last blog post and heck i’ve missed blogging hope i can arrange my schedule to blogging more frequently again. My thoughts are just scattered which is not a usual occurrence  for me since i like having a more organised plan and knowing exactly how i intend to pass my words accross. Yet it’s just blogging right we allowed to be imperfect. So today i want to talk about communication, cause its been a struggle recently. How do you express yourself to others? How do you tell them how you feel when you cant even … Continue reading Communicate…. SAY IT!!


These days the majority of people preach self-care, self-love and all as priority which I totally agree with. Still there can’t be self-love without knowing or understanding your worth as a person. There’s so many things that affect people’s feelings on their worth but with this post I’ll be focusing on education cause its the one I have dealt with personally.   We live in a world where education is the ultimate, you need to attain some level of it. No matter how low you need it, even if it’s just the basics. How something like that which blesses and … Continue reading LET GO OF THOSE YARDSTICKS TO YOUR SELF-WORTH….

5 things to do if you’re using GPS for the first time!

First off this post is in the context with my experience as an African having to use GPS to get to my location in the UK. Thus the points made are likely to be less applicable to residents of Europe who are obviously more familiar with the setting. And nothing personal, just drawing some fun from my experience. Okay so that said, despite the meaning attached to the acronym GPS my experience has led me to forming other meanings which I feel best suit it. In place of  ‘Global Positioning System’ (correct me if that’s wrong), i see it as … Continue reading 5 things to do if you’re using GPS for the first time!

Virgin, Not Virgin Doesn’t Necessarily Make You More Righteous Than The Other !

Debates are my favorite educational activity especially when I’m not actively involved. I’m just always so excited to sit down and watch people argue constructively, and engage in some mind judging of my own. One of the few topics that sparked my interest was the debate on “virginity is lack of opportunity “. I don’t know of any of my mates who would fall sleep whenever our English teacher brought it up for an argument. Everyone was literally on their toes picking sides and spilling off points, class was the busiest during such periods. The notion of virginity remains highly … Continue reading Virgin, Not Virgin Doesn’t Necessarily Make You More Righteous Than The Other !


Omg it’s happening so he’s finally taking me out, I was just about to ask myself how many more green cards this boy wants me to throw his way before he gets the hint.  Hmmmm progress at last, now time to think outfit. Wait! he didn’t even precise the timing yet, just said he will call to let me know by tomorrow morning (can’t wait jare… ). Urghh don’t they ever understand the need for us to be prepared or plan, failure to plan is planning to fail. Well might as well plan a few ideas in mind just to … Continue reading DATE NIGHT


Please! please! please! that’s my everyday word. It didn’t matter I would say it for as long as I needed to. Begging was my norm , i didn’t know any other way out. I would promise to be better. To try even harder, till they were pleased, walk over me, snob me, anything but just don’t leave me. I would take it all, the insults, wear the pain like second skin. It didn’t even matter what spot you gave me, whether i came first or i was your last option all  that mattered was i still counted for something somewhere. … Continue reading Voices


“You seem to have too high expectations when it comes to relationships unlike your sisters”. Words my father said to me when he was asking how many new friends I had made since I traveled.  I didn’t think much about his statement whilst we were still on phone but the moment the call ended thoughts started to flood my mind . Was i really that hard on trivial things? why was my case different from my sisters ? what did i need to change? Looking down memory lane I’ve probably always felt lacking friendship wise. I mean way back from … Continue reading Friendship

Ignite the Passion in you…

“Beautiful” is how they characterized me yet I remain conscious it’s not fitting enough an adjective to get me where i strive to be.   “Charisma, pose” yes i continue to strike that pose. I just discovered life is a playground and so I’m searching for the right swing  to set free.       ‘Smile’ its my most valuable armour. I wear it confidently, it shields me from my fears, gives me those imaginary wings i need to set myself free. Each time they rejected my offers, my smile was the only reply. It’s OK they just don’t see the … Continue reading Ignite the Passion in you…